Sandra Fernandes Morais

Sandra Fernandes Morais


Sandra Fernandes Morais is a PhD candidate in Food Heritage: Cultures and Identities at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra, with a degree in Economics from Universidade Portucalense (1999) and a Master’s in Business Management – Corporate Finance (2009) from the University of Minho. She is currently carrying out research into the relationship between culinary practices and the energy and technological transitions in 20th century in Portugal.

She is the author of the book Cadernos da Casa do Outeiro. Um receituário senhorial de Paredes de Coura published in 2022 as a result of research done in collaboration with the Municipal Archive and the Municipality.

Main areas of interest and research topics: Food Studies; Contemporary History; Energy and Technology History.


Research group(s): Local and regional heritage and identities; Cultural encounters and evasion