Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo

Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo

Email: mbjeronimo@gmail.com

Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo has a PhD in History from King’s College, University of London and is Associate Professor of History at the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, in the Department of History, European Studies, Archaeology and Arts. He is also a researcher at the Centre for the History of Society and Culture (University of Coimbra) and scientific co-coordinator of the PhD program in Heritage of Portuguese Influence (III/CES-UC). Among other topics, his research interests focus on the global, connected and comparative history of imperialism and colonialism and on International and Transnational History (19th-20th centuries). He has published regularly, in Portugal and abroad, in leading publishers and journals. He coordinates the research project The worlds of (under)development: processes and legacies of the Portuguese colonial empire in a comparative perspective (1945-1975) and is co-responsible for the research project Humanity Internationalized: cases, dynamics and comparisons (1945-1980), both funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal).

Main interests and research topics: Imperial and colonial History; International and Transnational History; Modern and Contemporary History; European Colonialism in Africa; Internationalism; International Organizations.

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8829-4909

Ciência Vitae: https://www.cienciavitae.pt/portal/3E12-56B6-9C33

Repository: https://uc-pt.academia.edu/MiguelBandeiraJer%C3%B3nimo

Research group(s): Cultural encounters and evasion; Reimagining the historian’s craft