Luís Miguel Rêpas

Luís Miguel Rêpas


Luís Miguel Rêpas obtained a Master’s degree (2000) and a PhD (2021) in Medieval History at the University of Coimbra and is a collaborator at the Centre for History of Society and Culture and integrated researcher at the Institute for Medieval Studies (NOVA-FCSH). Currently, he is a researcher of the project Books, rituals and space in a Cistercian nunnery. Living, praying and reading in Lorvão, 13th-16th centuries (PTDC/ART-HIS/0739/2020), and also participates in the project Cistercian Horizons; studying and characterizing a medieval scriptorium and its production: Alcobaça. Local Identities and Liturgical Uniformity in Dialogue (PTDC/ART-HIS/29522/2017), both funded by FCT.

Main interests and research topics: Monastic History; Social History; Written culture; Paleography and Diplomatics; Manuscript publishing.

CV: Ciência ID: 1414-BC78-D72A


Research group(s): The study and publishing of primary sources