Hugo Gonçalves Dores

Hugo Gonçalves Dores


Hugo Gonçalves Dores is a postdoctoral research at the Center for the History of Society and Culture (University of Coimbra) and holds a PhD degree from the Institute of Social Sciences (University of Lisbon). He is member of the Center of Religious History Studies (Catholic University of Portugal). His researches focus on colonial educational policies, State-Church relations and the missionary question in colonial empires (19th-20th centuries). He is the author of A Missão da República (1910-1926) (2015), Politics and Religion in the Portuguese Colonial Empire in Africa (1890-1930) (2021), and co-editor of Education and Development in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa (2020).

Main interests and research topics: Contemporary History; Imperialism; Colonial Education; UNESCO in colonial context; State-Church relations in colonial empires; Missionary History.


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Research group(s): Cultural encounters and evasion