Fernando Taveira da Fonseca

Fernando Taveira da Fonseca

Email: fertaveira@gmail.com

Fernando Taveira da Fonseca holds a PhD in Modern and Contemporary History and is a tenured associate professor in retirement from the University of Coimbra. He is a member of the IEMYR (Instituto de Estudios Medievales y Renascentistas) (Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies) of the University of Salamanca, and the Portuguese Academy of History has distinguished his scholarly excellence. He was head of the Instituto de História Económica e Social (Institute of Economic and Social History), board member of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and head of the Department of History, Archaeology and Arts. He was in the committee that supervised the University of Coimbra’s application to UNESCO World Heritage status.

Main interests and research topics:  Portuguese Modern History; Economic and Social History; History of the University of Coimbra; History of Universities; History of Education; Religious History; History of the Restoration.

Repository: https://uc-pt.academia.edu/FernandoTaveiradaFonseca

Ciência Vitae: https://www.cienciavitae.pt/portal/E916-F8A3-40B5

Research group(s): The study and publishing of primary sources; Local and regional heritage and identities