Ana Guardião

Ana Guardião

Ana Guardião is a researcher at the University of Florence on the project Humanitarianism and Mediterranean Europe. A Transnational and Comparative History (1945-1990), funded by the European Research Council; and associate researcher on the project Humanity Internationalized: Cases, Dynamics and Comparisons (1945-1980), University of Coimbra/University of Minho. She co-coordinates the seminar Histories of the Present: The Shaping of the Contemporary World. She recently published The Refugees of (De)Colonization: Human Rights, Humanitarianism and the End of Empires in Africa (1950-1975) (2023). Her research focuses on the intersections between the dynamics of humanitarianism, development and the institutionalization of human rights in colonial and post-colonial contexts.

Main interests and research topics: Contemporary History; Imperial and Colonial History; International and Transnational History; International and Non-Governmental Organizations; Humanitarianism; Human Rights; Development; Refugees.


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Research group(s): Cultural encounters and evasion