Episcopal justice and its impact on the Portuguese seaborne empire 1514-1750

This international conference aims to encourage reflexion and discussion about the structures and dynamics underlying the acts of episcopal justice in the overseas territories under Portuguese influence and assess the impact of their relationship with other powers and populations.

Venue: Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Coimbra University | Anf. III

Date: 10-11 December 2021

Organising Committee: José Pedro Paiva | Jaime Ricardo Gouveia | Evergton Sales Souza | António Vítor Ribeiro

Scientific Committee: Ana de Zaballa Beascoechea | Ângela Barreto Xavier | Benedetta Albani | Bruno Feitler | Francisco Bethencourt | Giuseppe Marcocci | Inês G. Zupanov | Jorge Traslosheros | Liam Matthew Brockey | Macarena Cordero Fernández | Pedro Manuel Guibovich Pérez | Stuart B. Schwartz.

More information: https://www.uc.pt/fluc/religionAJE