IV Meeting REPORT(H)a: Sapiens, Saúde e Meio Ambiente – Fronteiras Naturais e Artificiais

Inês Amorim (CITCEM)

Keynote: Marco Armiero (KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in Stockholm): Toxicity and human health

Chair: Irina Velicu (CES)

Keynote: Manuel González Molina (Universidad Pablo de Olavide): Learning from history for designing a sustainable food system. Lessons from the Spanish case

Chair: Ana Luísa Santos (CIAS)

Keynote: Charlotte Roberts (Durham University): Taking the long view: understanding environmental impacts on human health in the past to inform the future

Chair: Helena Freitas (CFE)

Keynote: Marcus Hall (University of Zurich): Learning to Love our Parasites: How humanity’s co-travelers can be best friends

Videos of the sessions are available here.