Rui Pedro Neves

Rui Pedro Neves


Rui Pedro Neves has a degree in History from the University of Coimbra and is currently studying for a master’s degree in Medieval Studies at the same institution. He is a researcher at the Center of History of the University of Lisbon. He is a researcher on the project iForal |Portuguese medieval charters: a historical and linguistic perspective in the digital age(PTDC/HAR-HIS/5065/2020) led by Filipa Roldão and Joana Faro Serafim. His MSc project, supervised by Leontina Ventura and co-supervised by Saul António Gomes, analyzed the formation, structure and exploitation of the domains of the Monastery of Santa Cruz de Coimbra, from its foundation until 1181. Also noteworthy is the interest in the study of the royal court and itinerancy in the reign of D.Afonso IV (1325-1357) and transcribing and editing medieval sources. He has written several articles and spoken at scientific events in Portugal and abroad. He is also a member of the Portuguese Society for Medieval Studies and the Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History.

Main interests and research topics: History of Religion; Monastic Institutions in the Middle Ages; Palaeography; Diplomatics; Itinerant Kingship.



Research group(s): The study and publishing of primary sources