Rodrigo Vaz

Rodrigo Vaz


Rodrigo André Vitorino Vaz has a degree in History with a minor in History of Art (University of Coimbra)and a Master’s in Teaching History in the 3rd Cycle of Basic Education and Secondary Education.

He has published works on Colonial War and War Memories, analysing the participation of inhabitants of the Minho area in the Overseas War (1961-1974). Among them, Memórias de Guerra. Como fazer História a partir de quem a viveu? and “Só o não saber se regressava!” Memórias da Guerra Colonial. He also researches local heritage, and is preparing the publication of a study on the Monastery of São Romão de Neiva, a theme he intends to pursue for a PhD.

Main interests and research topics: Ecclesiastical and Religious History; Colonial History; Colonial War


Research group(s): Local and regional heritage and identities; The study and publishing of primary sources