Patrick Schilling

Patrick Schilling


Patrick Schilling is a PhD candidate in Middle Eastern History at Georgetown University. He holds an M.A. in History and Russian from the University of Glasgow and an M.A. in Ottoman History from Sabanci University in Istanbul. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation.


Research project: Nation-State, Empire, Federation? The Role of Other State Models in Ottoman Constitutional Politics, 1908-1918.

This dissertation examines the influence of three different state models – the French Republic, the British Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian federation – on Ottoman politics following the constitutional revolution of 1908. Through an analysis of Ottoman state documents and of a variety of printed publications in Ottoman Turkish, it highlights the overlapping and sometimes contradictory ways in which these three models shaped public debate and legislation regarding three key elements of the emerging Ottoman constitutional order: elections, conscription, and provincial administration.

Research period: Patrick Schilling will be a visiting researcher at CHSC until June 2025.