Maria do Rosário Castiço de Campos

Maria do Rosário Castiço de Campos


Maria do Rosário Castiço de Camposholds a PhD in History and is a senior professor in the Polytechnical Institute of Coimbra. She has written several books and book chapters, as well as articles for national and international journals. She has worked on several research projects. Since 2018, she has supervised “Histórias à Mesa” (Stories around the Table), a collaborative project between the Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra (Coimbra Education School) and the Agência para o Desenvolvimento dos Castelos e Muralhas Medievais do Mondego (Agency for the Development of Castles and Medieval Walls in the Mondego Region).

Main interests and research topics: Early Modern History; Local History; Cultural Heritage; Cultural Tourism; Museology; Education.


Research group(s): Local and regional heritage and identities