Jairzinho Lopes Pereira

Jairzinho Lopes Pereira

Email: jairzinho.lopes.pereira@vid.no

Jairzinho Lopes Pereira holds an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Coimbra, a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the KU Leuven(Belgium) and a PhD in Systematic Theology from the Faculty of Theology of the University of Helsinki (Finland). He works as a researcher in the History Department of the VID Specialized University, Stavanger, Norway. He is an “Associated Foreign Researcher” in the Centre of Religious History Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University.

Main interests and research topics: Patristic Theology; Sixteenth century Reformation; the relationship between the Catholic Church and Slavery in Africa, especially Angola, the Belgian Congo and Cape Verde; Political Theology; History of the Church in Cape Verde.

CV: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0643-6377

Research group(s): Cultural encounters and evasion; The study and publishing of primary sources