Ana Maria Diamantino Correia

Ana Maria Diamantino Correia


Ana Maria Diamantino Correia is an executive officer, specialising in History, at the Center for the History of Society and Culture (CHSC). She is a Contemporary History PhD candidate in the University of Coimbra, with a thesis on “The Spanish Flu Epidemic in the District of Coimbra (1918-1919): Impact, Responses and Consequences”, having been awarded a fellowship by the FCT (SFRH/BD/130169/2017). She obtained a Master’s degree in Contemporary History from the University of Coimbra (2013), with a dissertation on public health in Coruche (institutions, Agents and Patients), published under in 2015 with the title A Saúde Pública em Coruche: instituições, agentes e doentes (1820-1910). She researches the History of Public Health, Medicine, Epidemiology and Healthcare, the results of which have been published in national and international scientific journals.



Research group(s): Cultural encounters and evasion; Local and regional heritage and identities