New book António Resende de Oliveira e João Gouveia Monteiro

Portugal Medieval: do Condado ao Império (1096-1495) is the title of the book by António Resende de Oliveira and João Gouveia Monteiro, both researchers at the CHSC.


“This book is a didactic overview of Portuguese medieval history, from the early days of the founding of the County of Portucalense to the beginning of the Renaissance and the great adventure of the Discoveries with the construction of an overseas empire.

Since it covers such a broad chronology (1096-1495), it was considered preferable to focus the narrative mainly on political events that will make it easier for readers to understand the most important moments in the formation of the kingdom of Portugal and its territory, in the construction of the state, and in its development and expansion. However, the most important aspects of the economic and social context have not been forgotten, and special attention has been paid to culture. In all the chapters, Portuguese medieval history is placed in the Iberian context.

To support the account, serve as a basis for future research and respect the didactic spirit of the work, an extensive bibliography is also included, as well as an extensive chronology, a table of the Kings of Portugal, a glossary and a wide range of illustrations and explanatory maps.”