This Research Group favors, along with the study of sources required by its research issues, the comparative analysis of the hegemonic paradigms in the historiographical interpretations in the long and medium terms (from the Middle Ages to the present time), as well as the study of its leading figures and the “Schools” to which they belonged. Hence, its scope encompasses fields which, presently, range from the history of historiography to others that, more recently, have been referred to as “historical culture”. This fact calls for a closer reflection on subjects related to the theory of history and of historiographic knowledge. The research carried out by this group encompasses the following aspects: analyzing the impact of the epistemological debates on the status of historiographic knowledge in the 19th and 20th centuries; correlating historiography with other productions (literary, iconographic, monumental…); researching on the key moments of consolidation both of the political memories and of the memory policies; understanding at the level of the sources, both historical texts and monumental productions, the silences and repressions that make it possible to discover what was forgotten, contributing to writing of the history of oblivion.
Coordinator: Fernando Catroga