Collaboration Protocol between the Municipality of Arouca and the University of Coimbra, through the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Center for the History of Society and Culture

Project coordinator: Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho | Luís Miguel Rêpas

Duration: 2022 – 2030

Funding: Municipality of Arouca | Center for the History of Society and Culture

Value: €150.000

The protocol was signed in Arouca, at the Monastery of Arouca, on August 31 and aims to carry out initiatives to promote and enhance the historical and documentary heritage of the municipality of Arouca, including through the publication of documentary sources and studies of interest to the history of Arouca.

In a first phase, the documentation of the Monastery of Arouca relative to the medieval period will be edited – under the name of Diplomatist of the Monastery of Arouca, a task that will be carried out under the scientific coordination of Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho and Luís Miguel Rêpas, researchers at the CHSC.

The collection, which will have 10 volumes, the first of which will be published in 2023, will include documentation from the Monastery of Arouca relating to the medieval period held in the National Archives of the Torre do Tombo, the National Library of Portugal, the Coimbra University Archive, the General Library of the University of Coimbra, the District Archive of Braga, the District Archive of Porto, the Vatican Apostolic Archive, and in other national and foreign archives where it may be found in the course of the research that will be carried out under this protocol at the CHSC.