Margarida Relvão Calmeiro

Margarida Relvão Calmeiro


Margarida Relvão Calmeiro, graduated in Architecture (2005) and PhD in Theory and History of Architecture from the University of Coimbra (2015), is a visiting assistant professor at the Department of Architecture at FCTUC, where she teaches courses in the Integrated Master’s in Architecture in the area of Urban Planning, and is also lecturer and co-coordinator of the Master’s in Integrated Urban Rehabilitation of the same department. She has collaborated with other courses at the University of Coimbra and, as part of the action for cooperation, she teaches at the University of Lúrio (Mozambique) in the Master’s Degree in Territorial Development and Urban Management. She is the author of the book Urbanismo antes dos Planos: Coimbra 1834-1934 (Coimbra: Coimbra City Council, 2021).

Main interests and research topics: History of urbanism and urban planning in the Portuguese territory; Planning to safeguard heritage and sustainable development.


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Research group(s): Local and regional heritage and identities