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Call for Papers – Call for the submission of articles and critical reviews to be published on issue no. 20 of the Journal of the History of Society and Culture


Revista de História da Sociedade e da Cultura, an annual scientific publication issued by the Center for the History of Society and Culture of the University of Coimbra, is currently receiving proposals for articles, news and critical reviews for the volume 20 (2020). The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2019. Texts are accepted in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

The contributions to be submitted must be original, scientifically rigorous and must comply with the editorial rules of the Journal published online ( culture / standards-of-edicao/). Once accepted by the Editorial Board, the proposals will undergo an external scientific evaluation process under anonymity (a double-blind peer review), made by specialists. Therefore, all decisions taken by the referees on proposals will be forwarded to the authors in due time.

According to the journal editorial statutes (–cultura), the RHSC publishes only original research works of historical nature, on different chronologies and subjects, either with national or international scopes. The 2020 edition issue will also contain a thematic section under the title ‘History of Universities’. The guidelines to whom would be interested in contributing to this specific section can be consulted below, on this same page.

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In accordance with the international policies concerning open science, the RHSC will implement in the 2020 issue the use of a standard journal and publishing platform – the OJS (Open Journal System), to manage all the editorial process, as it already happens with several other journals published by the University of Coimbra. For this reason, the submission of articles, the peer-reviewing system and the contacts with authors and reviewers will take place within the platform, meaning that all entities involved in the 2020 edition, as in the forthcoming editions, must register on the OJS, thus replacing the previous procedure of proposal submissions by email.

Registrations and online submissions must be made through the following address:


Call for Papers for thematic section – Section “History of the Universities” of Revista de História da Sociedade e da Cultura (n. 20, 2020)

Throughout the last decades, the History of Universities has become an important field of studies within cultural history, both in Europe and Portugal, in close connection with other disciplines and fields of knowledge. In Portugal, where a studium generale was founded in the late thirteenth century by royal initiative, ecclesiastical plea and apostolic sanction – in a very early stage of the foundation of European universities, shortly after the first foundational outbreak, led by the universities of Paris and Bologna -, this historiographic subject was not overlooked, having been object of successive studies, examinations and revisions, over the years.

Already in the late nineteenth century, Teófilo Braga produced a vast synthesis of the Portuguese university, focused mainly on the political and administrative characteristics of the institution. The interest in the subject was enthusiastically renewed several decades later (between 1960s and 1980s), in the form of several exploratory studies, largely connected to the phenomena of academic circulation, and soon complemented by a significant body of source’s edition, which resulted in the publication of two magnae documental collections – the Chartularium Universitatis Portugalensis and the Auctarium Chartulari Universitatis Portugalensis.

In the last years of the twentieth century the historiographic taste for multidisciplinary researches also reached this specific field of studies, resulting in the publication of several monographies, including a prominent collective book about the medieval and modern periods of the Portuguese university entitled “The History of the University in Portugal”, testing for the Portuguese reality approaches already undertaken with considerable success by other European scholars. More recently, the cultural, sociological and economic perspectives have been especially valued, originating several Master and Ph.D. thesis, some other collective works and funded research projects.

Considering the present scenario of great vitality experienced by the topic of the History of the Universities, the Board of the RHSC has decided to include in the 2020 issue a thematic section on the subject, hopefully enriching with new contributions the historiographic debate and the current knowledge on the theme.

Thus, the Editorial Board invites and welcomes proposals for the publication of articles addressing the following topics (or other closely related with them), with a broad chronology beginning in the Middle Ages until nowadays, of national and international range:

  • Student’s admission;
  • Examination, degrees and diplomas;
  • Education and training;
  • Text books;
  • University management and finances;
  • Mobility and circulation;
  • Relations with authorities;
  • Relations among universities;
  • Student life;
  • University and gender;
  • Academic rituals;
  • Graduated careers.



Submission deadline: November 30, 2019



Armando Norte

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Researcher of the Centre for History of the University of Lisbon

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